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uCare Connect

Mobile App Unites


Anywhere. Anytime. That’s how care teams and patients connect. UCare helps you:


When people don’t feel well, traveling to a healthcare provider’s office just to sit in the waiting room often deters them from taking ownership of their health. Presenting simple and convenient access to care through a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone positions you to meet people where they are.


An initial visit with people is just the beginning. Often follow-up visits are recommended but difficult to keep scheduled. Virtual Visits make it easier to retain patients because they can connect with their care team anytime from anywhere. Connecting with patients more effectively means they’re more likely to continue seeking care.


Investing in telemedicine connects you more strategically to those who need you. Helping more patients by offering a spectrum of services increases your patient encounters and your Medicare and Medicaid billing.


  • Provide a comprehensive spectrum of care (including psychiatric services & counseling; specialist consults; and assisted living support)
  • Schedule visits
  • Decrease hospital re-admittance
  • Manage medications
  • Share lab reports


Certintell and partner myLink4Life® implements technology advancements to empower people to gather their own health data. Once data exists, its sent and stored in a secure location on the Internet. By routinely collecting data, myLink4Life analyzes what’s measured to show whether or not a person’s health is improving. The results can be shared with healthcare providers and patients to aid in lifestyle decisions – such as food choices, activity levels, behavior modifications and medications – to facilitate health improvements. Patients may also choose to provide data to family members and friends as a way to gain extra support monitoring health conditions.


BettrLife™ is an app that helps you empower patients toward healthier lifestyle decisions. The health coach portal features advanced planning and analytic tools with web applications for food and activity logs that integrate into your existing technology and workflow. Nutritional analysis and a customized action plan help patients take ownership of health and fitness goals and more effectively manage chronic health conditions. It’s accessible through iOS, Android and other web-enabled devices.

Using Certintell is as easy as…

Selecting the type of care needed

Describing why care is requested

Meeting with a care provider